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The clarity of communication determines the success of communication. Mankind evaluated the information by means of sound, literature and photography.

Today Multimedia is explained as to sense the all information bundled in the form of tools as mentioned above. Multimedia products offer us an environment to communicate with the receiver in the way of main tema of the various information. CDs are the most effective tools in terms of mobility and the economic way of sharing information. Any kind of information in the various formats like photos, sound, text, etc. In the end you can have one unique environment, which contains various formats so you can end up with the minimum cost while you are reaching to the users as well as the maximum contents.

AEC Teknoloji proudly declares that we developed many premier solutions with the highest quality and the pioneer in its market.



Abbott Eğitim
Arcelik Refrigerator Factory VR, Eskisehir
Archintema 3D Product Layout Library 1.0
ARTEMA Spare Part and Assembly Catalogue
BEKO Product VR
Canakkale Seramik
Corian Dupont Referans
Franke Catalogue 1.0
Intema Bulthaup Training
 Kalevit Catalogue 1.0
Kale Catalogue 3.1
Kale Catalogue 2.0
Kale Catalogue 3.5
Kale Export
Kale Texture Library 1.0
RocaKale Catalogue 1.0
TEKA Professional 1.0
Termal Seramik
Vitra Bathroom Sink and Shower Catalogue
Vitra Ceramic Sanitary Products Catalogue
Vitra Professional 3.0
Vitra Professional 3.0
Vitra Sub-Assembly Product Simulation

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